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People viewing my work are often bemused: "Lovely colours, Jon, but I just don't understand your work". Here is a short illustrated explanation that aims to put that right.

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When I paint a landscape, I try to immerse myself in the experience of being there, and depict the totality of what I see, how it feels physically, how it feels emotionally, history, future, what it means to me, and what I might mean to the land.

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I try to capture my deepest reaction to a person, portraying this through colour and flux. I'm much less interested in what's visible and obvious, than in what's hidden and subtle, consequently I often move into quite an abstract style. I see painting portraits as a meditation, a spiritual exercise, rather than an attempt to flatter.

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Sacred Art


A reaction against the emptiness of mainstream conceptualism. Works of art made specifically for sacred rituals, which have become sacred objects themselves through their use.

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Occasionally I create paintings related to myth. I try to go beyond illustration and express the spiritual and emotional significance of the allegory through colour, shape and texture. These paintings are often abstract or semi-abstract.

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Images with Text


I like to incorporate text into images, sometimes as formal poems, sometimes as almost insignificant details. Where the painting is clearly constructed to support the presentation of the text, these could be considered as Concrete Poems.

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