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Decorative mosaic for hearth designed and produced in collaboration with Chris Lyle. Containing about 40,000 tiles it took in excess of 200 man hours. Made with glass tiles and heatproof tile adhesive. All photos taken by Alfie Bowen.

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Documentation of the creation and destruction of a small sculpture

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The Aquaphonics project was a collaboration between myself and Helen JS Edwards in 2010, with original material contributed by the Oxford Improvisers. Images, video and sound are continuing to be created from the source materials, more than 2 years after the event.

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Odds & Sods


These Artworks are one-offs. Some might be the seeds of future projects, in which case they'll end up with their own album. Or they may languish as peculiarities forever.

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Genetically Modified Messiah


As part of the midwinter 2011 festivities, a new Messiah was born, a spiritual leader for the 21st Century. Genetically modified for maximum charisma, the sun shines out of her arse. In this gallery, Alfie Bowen documents her lonely time as an outcast in the wilderness.

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