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Dragon's tail1836 viewsGlass mosaic tiles
Detail of moon1821 viewsGlass mosaic tiles
On the imminent birth of my daughter503 viewsAbout a week before my daughter was born, I woke up at 5 am with a sense of urgency, got up and wrote down this poem. I like the fact that it's open to all kinds of interpretation, from the idea of a genetic heritage spanning hundreds of thousands of years, to more mystical possibilities about reincarnation and rebirth.
Ethical considerations for the use of ritual techniques in a therapeutic context393 viewsThis paper is the first ever - and long overdue - attempt by a psychologist to explore ethical issues pertaining to the widespread practice of using sacred ritual as part of a psychotherapeutic process.
I present the "Technical Approach" to ritual as an analytical tool, followed by a discussion of the ethical implications for ritual used in a psychotherapeutic process. After this discussion, I propose a series of best practice guidelines.
Untitled363 viewsAcrylic, Canvas and adhesive. Decoration for ritual space
Curriculum Vitae329 viewsExhibitions, events, teaching experience, publications, blogs, community involvement, qualifications, employment history, grants and scholarships.
On My 44th Birthday317 viewsPoetic prose, musing on youth, middle age and beyond ...
On the 4 great realms308 viewsA poem linking the cardinal points to our basic psychology as perceivers. Used to introduce ceremonies and the symbolism of different parts of the ritual arena.
Artist's Statement305 viewsUnpretentious and straightforward description of my motivations, influences and artistic direction.
Hare, tree and pond293 viewsGlass mosaic tiles
On my growing son290 viewsWatching my son playing in the garden, thinking back to my parents watching me play, and thinking forwards ...
The Magic Songbird287 viewsAcrylic on Canvas with adhesive/Ink on Paper
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