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On My 44th BirthdayPoetic prose, musing on youth, middle age and beyond ...
On my growing sonWatching my son playing in the garden, thinking back to my parents watching me play, and thinking forwards ...
On the imminent birth of my daughterAbout a week before my daughter was born, I woke up at 5 am with a sense of urgency, got up and wrote down this poem. I like the fact that it's open to all kinds of interpretation, from the idea of a genetic heritage spanning hundreds of thousands of years, to more mystical possibilities about reincarnation and rebirth.
On the 4 great realmsA poem linking the cardinal points to our basic psychology as perceivers. Used to introduce ceremonies and the symbolism of different parts of the ritual arena.
The passing seasonsA fanciful love poem written between the earth and the sun, expressing the passing seasons as a divine romance. Used to introduce a midwinter celebration, and symbolically mark out the quarters of the ritual arena.
People of the EarthWith melody. Expressing the sentiment of common humanity using ancient chinese symbolism of the Earth representing our physical form, and the dragon representing our inspired soul.
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