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Ritual and the Turner PrizeAn edited version of this essay was published in the Artists' Newsletter January 2010 edition under the title "Democracy: The new way forward", and is still available on their website.
Ritual: Live Art or Group Therapy?The title of this essay is a response to an article in the Artist's Newsletter entitled "Community Arts: Art or Therapy?".
However, the content explores whether or not sacred ceremony can be considered as a genre within visual art, and concludes that, with some important provisos, received wisdom distinguishing between the two types of activity is outdated and ill-informed.
Ritual and EmpowermentSacred ceremonies are often perceived as imposing and maintaining a belief system, and as being a mechanism for controlling an obedient congregation.
It doesn't have to be this way. There is nothing so sacred as an individual's relationship to their divinity and their community, and nothing so precious as a sense of meaning and compassion.
Sacred ceremonies can, and maybe should, be constructed to celebrate these things. This essay explores how.
I just want to make people thinkThis essay explores a common thread between my own work and the (utterly different) work of Damien Hirst. Are we, in our own unique ways, actually trying to achieve the same thing?
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